On 5th March 2016 our lives changed forever when, nearly four months early, I went into labour spontaneously and our second son was born. What followed was the most challenging few months that we have ever experienced. We were, very suddenly, launched into a world that we’d previously known little about. Some of the most precious and beautiful life moments that we’ll always treasure occurred in the midst of what can only be described as a trauma.

“4 Months Early” is a blog that will document different aspects of life in the NICU and the reality of having a premature baby, from our experience. Throughout the blog I’ll use quotes from our diary entries – we journalled every day of the hospital stay. These appear in italics and are dated. I’ve changed the names of nurses, doctors and consultants. Initially I’m going to publish a week of daily posts, in the run up to World Prematurity Day on 17th November.

As the blog won’t have our whole story chronologically, I thought it might be helpful to include here a brief summary of our story to set the context:

Alec was born in Peterborough Hospital at 23 weeks’ (+5) gestation on 5th March 2016, weighing 1lb9oz (714g), eyes still fused shut. Within hours he was transferred to Addenbrookes, where he spent the majority of his 5 month hospital stay. By the time he came home, he’d spent nearly 6 weeks ventilated and months on breathing support, he’d had a severe brain bleed, had endured 2 major abdominal operations and another routine op, he’d had laser eye surgery on both retinas, had required 27 blood transfusions, had fought infections and he’d shown us all what a strong boy he is. On 9th August 2016 Alec came home to live with his mummy, daddy and big brother. He doesn’t require any oxygen, is breastfed on demand, and is starting to enjoy some solids, and is a smiley happy boy.


Blog titles to look out for over the coming week:

“On the cusp”

“And do you have a medical background?”

NICU Milestones

Express yourself!


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